Do you run a home-based business? Is your office an organizer’s worst nightmare? If so, it’s past time to shape it up. One of the best secrets to running a successful home-based business is a clean, clutter-free work area. If you work out of your home, a few handy home office hacks will clear your office of clutter and help you keep things running more smoothly.Home-business Woman

Conduct a Paper Purge  

One of the fastest paths to clutter in a home office is letting papers pile up everywhere: On the desk, on the table, and even on the floor where you attempted to sort through them. If papers have piled up in your office, bite the bullet and go through each and every one using a three-part system: Toss it, file it, or take action. Once the paper purge has been completed, the organizational work can begin.

Color-Code Your World  

An organized filing system is conducive to a successful home-based business. Use a system of five colors to organize your files. For example:


    • Blue – Medical 
    • Green – Financial 
  • Red – Insurance 
    • Orange – House 
  • Yellow – Personal 

Make sure to label each hanging folder to easily access the information when you need it. Organizing your filing system in this way can easily put the files you need right at your fingertips when you need them.

Make a Mail Station  

Create a mail station in an easily accessible, viewable area. Again using a color-coded system, make a folder or station for outgoing mail, incoming mail, bills, and mail that needs to be filed. You should also create a station for each family or office member. Mail should be filed and sorted as soon as it comes in. Go through each station once a week.

Create a Printing Station  

A specific place in your office or home should be designated for the printer and all printing supplies. Wireless printers can be placed out of the way in a cabinet or other area. This will allow more space on your desk. Keeping everything in one area will save time when the paper or ink cartridges need refilling.

Store it Away  

Store office supplies in containers, baskets, and drawers to keep them out of sight, yet handy at the same time. This will give your home-based business a cleaner, de-cluttered appearance that will help you be more productive. A clean, clutter-free environment can do wonders for clearing the mind and creating a space more conducive to work. Store like things together. For example, stamps should be easily located near the mail station.

Label Everything  

Use a label maker to create organization in your home office. Label boxes, files, drawers, and anything you may need on a regular basis so you can easily locate it.

Use Binders  

In addition to your filing system, a binder system can save an abundance of time in an emergency. Create life binders for each member of the family or home office, your house, your vehicles, and even your pets. These binders should contain important information that you might need quickly in the event of an emergency.

Get Back to the Books  

Organize any books you use in your home office. Books can be categorized by size, color, or genre. While sorting your books by color can add an incredible design element, categorizing them by genre can make it easier to find exactly the book you need when you need it. Regardless of how you choose to sort them, getting your books up and out of the way will give your work space an organized appearance.

Go Vertical  

Utilize the wall space in your office. Many people often overlook this simple organization method. Use the vertical space on your walls for filing systems, whiteboards, shelves, and more. Going vertical leaves so much more open space in your office, giving it a clean, clutter-free appearance that makes work more enjoyable and relaxing.

Using these simple organizational tips, your home office should start to take on the appearance of a clutter-free environment in no time. A well-organized, relaxing atmosphere lends to a more productive and enjoyable work day. Now, get busy organizing and get to work! is a cloud-based virtual mail and virtual address service. If you are looking to operate a home-based business, we can help. Access to mail is available across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. The mailbox forwarding service allows clients to view, open and forward mail from anywhere at anytime.

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