What is PhysicalAddress.com and How Does it Work?

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PhysicalAddress.com is an online mail and business address service that virtualizes your postal mail. We offer users a choice of standard and premium addresses, which may be used as a personal or business mailing address. During the sign-up process, you will be given a list of available suite numbers at the location you chose. The suite # you select will be your private suite #.

PhysicalAddress.com creates images (.pdf and .png) of all envelopes and packages sent to your new address. We then upload those images to your secure online mailbox. In your online mailbox, you may request content scans, forward packages, forward envelopes, filter out unwanted mail, and organize and store items.

PhysicalAddress.com is one of the few virtual mail and business address services that manages and operates all address locations. This means that each location/address is staffed with PhysicalAddress.com associates. So whether you sign up in California, Texas, New York, Florida, or Nevada, your mail is delivered to a PhysicalAddress.com location and processed onsite by PhysicalAddress.com associates. The mail handling and street address are not outsourced to third-party mail centers, and mail is not forwarded to another location and processed at a later date; these are standard practices in the industry. We also do not use PO Boxes as your address; we use a real physical address. We provide 7 days a week premium support and do not use third-parties to support our clients – another standard practice in the industry. This is one of the many reasons we consider ourselves to be a premium VIP service.

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