We Don’t Outsource or Use Third-parties

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PhysicalAddress.com is one of the few virtual mail and business address services that manages and operates all address locations. This means that each location/address is staffed with PhysicalAddress.com associates. So whether you sign up in California, Texas, New York, Florida, or Nevada, your mail is delivered to a PhysicalAddress.com location and processed onsite by PhysicalAddress.com associates.  The mail handling and physical address are not outsourced to third-party mail centers, and mail is not forwarded to another location and processed at a later date; these are standard practices in the industry. We also provide 7 days a week premium support and do not use third-parties to support our clients – another standard practice in the industry. This is one of many reasons we consider ourselves to be a premium VIP service.


What this means for our clients:

Much Faster Response Times
Your mail is scanned the same day it is received as long as it is received during normal business hours. Forward requests are also processed the same day. We can respond much quicker to support issues. You don’t have to call multiple companies to troubleshoot a problem.  Plus, our support staff is without question – the best in the industry!
No Third-parties or Outsourcing – You are Always Dealing with One Company
Many of our competitors partner with small local mail centers. They then use the mail centers address as their own.  Sometimes those mail centers are set up to scan and store your mail and sometimes they forward your mail to a central processing facility that the virtual mail company owns. If you have a problem, who do you call? The virtual mail company or the local mail center? Who is handling your mail? Who is scanning your mail? What are the security protocols for mail handling and processing?

Some of our competitors sign up for a PO Box at a post office and then offer a variation of that address to you, e.g., PO Box 56781PMB333 or #56781-32145. When mail is delivered to the PO Box it is then mailed again to the virtual mail processing center.

Because we manage and operate each locations, we can enforce strict mail handling rules. For example, each of our mail handlers go through strict background checks, and all of our facilities are protected 24/7. All facilities have advanced alarm systems and 24/7 CCTV surveillance.
Providing Virtual Services for 7+ Years
We have been in business for 7+ years. We have had exceptional growth each year since our launch. We anticipate adding a new location very soon. You can feel confident that we are a strong company with strong financials and will be providing virtual mail and address services for years to come.