There are around 40 million home-based businesses in the U.S. Some of these businesses are online artists or retailers, while others offer a varietyHome Business 1 of freelance or specialty services that don’t necessarily require a storefront to do business.

One of the primary issues facing at-home businesses that don’t have a storefront is a physical address. There are no doubt both security and privacy reasons why entrepreneurs don’t want to use their home address as a physical address for their business. Some choose to use a P.O. box, but that can create an issue with credibility. Clients and customers may be suspicious of companies without a physical address. A physical address legitimizes your business.

Virtual physical addresses provide a professional physical location to associate with your company or service, and is an affordable option for home and online businesses. These services are available through a virtual physical address business for a monthly fee.

There are several advantages for businesses to operate under a virtual physical address.


Keep your home address off websites by using a virtual business address. Most home business operators don’t want random customers showing up on the front doorstep of their house. Protect your family and their privacy as well by having a separate physical virtual business address.

Fixed Address

If you are using your home address as your business address and then move, your business address changes too, which can lead to mix-ups and confusion for your customers. A virtual office business address provides continuity for your business’ physical location, and that offers a more professional and trustworthy demeanor for you and your business. Customers will feel more confident sending in payments to a physical address that has remained the same, instead of one that has changed several times.

Online Search Purposes

Search engines are a way to propel your business forward. However, for some searches, such as Google Local, P.O. boxes are not allowed to double as a physical address. A virtual physical address can provide a physical location, even though you don’t do business there.


Home-grown businesses offer less costly startups for aspiring entrepreneurs.Home Business 2 Instead of your earned revenue being eaten up by overhead costs and an expensive storefront, the funds go back into building your business. If your current home business plan includes a relocation to a physical location in the future, setting up a virtual address when you start your business helps you establish stability for customers and creditors alike.


You can choose to have your business mail delivered to your virtual physical address. The virtual address service provider will scan all letters and packages as they are received, then upload the images to your secure, and private, virtual mailbox. You can choose which mail and packages you want forwarded to you at your home address or you can choose a different address. You can also designate those items that you want shredded or stored.

Lease and Homeowners’ Association Restrictions

Some apartments, condos, and homeowners’ associations have strict policies against running businesses out of your home. If your business is unobtrusive, you may get permission to use a business virtual address instead of using your home address to separate them.

If you are considering a home-based business, set up your virtual business address in the USA early in the process. For more information about how a virtual business address works, visit our website, or call for fees and security policy details.