Where do I get a Business Address for a Home-based Business?

If you operate a home-based business, you may not want to use your physical address as a business address. Due to security issues, it is best to use a virtual business address providing you with the opportunity to have a real street address.

Obtain a Prestigious Street Address for your Home-Based Business

Besides the fact that your family is safer when you do not reveal your home address to the public, you can separate your personal mail from your business-related mail. Plus, your business address featuring a private suite number looks more professional than your home address. You can even request a virtual business address located on prestigious Wall Street in New York City.

Prevent Unwanted Invasions of your Privacy

If you conduct a private business out of your home environment, you typically do not have any clients visiting your house. However, if you publish your home address as your business location, you may receive unexpected knocks on your front door. If you value your privacy, you do not want online consumers tracking down your address.

Avoid Dealing with Unemployed People Looking for Work

In today’s economic climate, many unemployed individuals are knocking on doors hoping for job openings. If you use your home address as a business address, job seekers may feel tempted to find your home and knock on your door to find out if you are hiring potential employees. If you are a self-employed contractor, you work for yourself. You typically do not hire any employees to work for you. Consequently, people do not need to know the location of your business.

Experience the Convenience of a Virtual Mailbox

When you operate a business at home, your time is consumed with an enormous amount of work. Every moment counts. When you have a virtual business address, you do not need to sort out hundreds of pieces of physical envelopes. Instead, your online service scans and uploads all your mail to your virtual mailbox.

Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter in your Home

Furthermore, you never need to worry about losing an important letter because your account comes with free digital storage. Experience complete peace of mind when you have the ability to locate your mail 24 hours a day by logging into your online account.

Develop a Mind Focused on Growing your Business

Besides the fact that your virtual mail is more secure, your home does not have as much unwanted clutter. Research shows that less physical clutter often leads to an uncluttered mind. When your brain is less concerned with clutter, it has more time to think about growing your business and earning a higher income.

Live in an Apartment and Conduct your Business with a Virtual Address

The beauty of having an online business address is that you can live in an apartment and conduct a business that reaps tangible profits. No one ever needs to know that you are running your business from an apartment. Whether you rent an apartment or own a mansion, your clients feel perfectly comfortable when they see that you post a physical address on your business website.

Experience Less Stress with a Permanent Business Address

Once you set up your virtual business address, you never need to worry about changing your address if you move to a new location. Your business address remains unchanged. Clients do not even need to know that you plan to relocate. Plus, you are sure to find that the monthly rate offers many services in exchange for a nominal fee.

Receive the following services for less than $10 a month:

  • A permanent virtual business address
  • A virtual online mailbox
  • A professional suite number
  • Online images of all mail
  • Complimentary shredding services
  • No contract required
  • Smartphone apps