Essentials for Embracing the RV Lifestyle Full-Time


As the allure of traditional housing wanes for some people, many are turning to alternative living spaces that offer greater freedom. From compact tiny houses to the freedom of live-aboard boats, these choices are varied and innovative. Among them, living full-time in a recreational vehicle (RV) has emerged as a favored choice. Diverse groups, from internet-savvy young couples craving continental adventures to families seeking hands-on educational experiences for their homeschooled children, are embracing this lifestyle. Not to forget, retirees and seniors, often referred to as ‘snowbirds’, who migrate following the weather patterns.

For those contemplating a life on wheels, understanding what gear is essential for year-round RV living is crucial. Although many necessities mirror those of a stationary home, albeit in a more compact form, there are unique requirements for RV living. Here’s a condensed guide to must-have items for life in an RV.

1. Dependable Internet Connection

For the digital nomad, uninterrupted online access is paramount. Depending on your travel plans, options range from mobile satellite internet for remote escapades to wireless broadband for more urban adventures.

2. Travel Berkey Water Filtration System

Ensure safe drinking water wherever you are. The portable Berkey system, fitting easily in most RVs, offers purified water, requiring no electricity.

3. Advanced Infotainment System

A modern RV’s infotainment system is a treasure trove of navigation aids, weather updates, and traffic reports, making it an indispensable tool for the savvy traveler.

4. Solar Panels for Sustainable Energy

Embrace off-grid living and save on utility costs with solar panels. This eco-friendly power source is ideal for both conventional campgrounds and more remote locations.

5. Virtual Mailbox Service

Stay on top of your postal mail with a virtual mailbox. This service provides digital scans of your mail, which you can manage directly from your digital devices.

6. Good Sam’s Club Campground Directory Bookmark

Join the community of Good Samaritans on the road with access to an extensive directory of RV parks across North America, a valuable resource for every journey.

7. Compact, Versatile Kitchen Appliances

Enjoy gourmet meals on the go with multi-functional appliances like a low-profile Blendtec blender, a space-saving toaster oven, and a portable outdoor grill to keep cooking aromas outside.

8. Plastic Storage Bins for Protection

Prepare for the unexpected with plastic bins to safeguard electronics and important documents from potential water damage due to weather-related incidents.

9. Comprehensive First Aid Kit and Emergency Supplies

Safety is paramount on the road. Stock a well-equipped first aid kit, emergency supplies like flashlights, batteries, a fire extinguisher, and a multi-tool. It’s also wise to include items for unexpected RV repairs, such as duct tape, spare fuses, and basic tools.

10. Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions

Given the varying climates you might encounter, having reliable heating and cooling systems in your RV is essential. Portable fans, efficient space heaters, and proper insulation can significantly affect your comfort.

11. Quality Bedding and Sleep Solutions

Comfortable, space-efficient bedding is key to a good night’s sleep in an RV. Consider investing in high-quality, compact bedding solutions like foldable mattresses or multi-use furniture that can convert into sleeping areas.

12. GPS Tracker and Security System

For added safety and peace of mind, install a GPS tracker and a robust security system in your RV. These systems can help track your vehicle’s location and secure it from theft or break-ins.

13. Efficient Water Usage and Waste Management Tools

Managing water and waste efficiently is crucial in an RV. Invest in water-saving devices, a reliable sewage system, and environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions.