How Do I Complete The 1583 Form?

Step 1: Print out your generated USPS Form 1583.
Step 2: Sign Box 5 on USPS Form 1583.
Step 3: List your two forms of identification in Box 8 on USPS Form 1583.
Step 4: Obtain a notary signature for Box 15 on the USPS Form 1583 and sign Box 16 while in the presence of the Notary. If you are able to visit one of our locations, a associate can take the place of the notary. Please call or email to schedule an appointment:  (844) 888-6364, You can find our locations on our Locations and Pricing page.
Step 5: Send us your completed USPS 1583 form. You can mail the original hard copy to the below address, or you can email us a PDF of your notarized form to:
Attn: 1583 Dept.
1317 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, FL 32804

If you have any questions or concerns regarding USPS Form 1583, feel free to send us an email at or call us at (844) 888-6364.

USPS Form 1583 Explained:

In general, boxes 1-8 apply only to individual’s and boxes 9-14 apply to businesses. Everyone must fill in boxes 15 and 16 while in the presence of a Notary or Agent.

Box 1. Today’s Date
Box 2. Enter your name. (Add spouse’s name if applicable). An applicant and spouse only need to fill out one form, though both are required to send in two forms of identification, further explained in Box 8
Boxes 3a-3d. Fill in the new address given to you by
Boxes 4a-4e. Fill in the corporate address for
Box 5. Sign your name
Box 6. Print your legal name.
Boxes 7a-7e. Enter your home address and phone number. The address you use on the USPS Form 1583 must match the home address on your Driver’s License or other form of Identification.
Box 8. Each person receiving mail at must provide two forms of acceptable identification to the Notary or Agent. This includes a Valid Driver’s License, Passport, Voter Registration card, University ID, Armed Forces ID, Government Issued ID, Vehicle Registration Card, Current Lease, Current Mortgage, Current Deed of Trust, Home Insurance Policy, Vehicle Insurance Policy, Valid State Non-Driver’s Identification card, Alien Registration Card, and Certificate of Naturalization.
NOTE: Social Security cards, credit cards, and Birth Certificates are NOT acceptable forms of identification.

Boxes 9-14 Applies to Businesses, Corporations, or Firms only. If you are an individual, you may skip to Box 15.

Box 9. Name of Your Company
Boxes 10a-10e. Enter the Business Address
Box 11. Enter the type of Business i.e: Retail, Food Industry, Marketing, etc.
Box 12. If your business will be receiving mail, place the names of all employees that will have their mail forwarded to Every employee listed must have verifiable identification.
NOTE: Box 12 is also the space to fill in the names of all minor children who will be receiving mail, you do not need to provide IDs for minors
Box 13. If a Corporation: give names and addresses of the officers
Box 14. If your business has been registered, enter the county, state, and date of registration. NOTE: Only fill this box in if your business is officially registered with the state, i.e.: Corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. DBAs and sole proprietorships may skip Box 14

Everyone must fill in boxes 15 and 16. These two steps will be performed at the same time.

Box 15. An Agent or Notary Public must sign Box 15. They will do so after they have verified your identification. This field is required. Any application missing a signature for Box 15 will not be accepted.
Box 16. This box must be signed while in the presence of an Agent or Notary