Don’t Use Your Home Address as Your Business Address

Home-based business owners tend to use their home address as their business address. This carries a number of risks as it could potentially make personal information public. When you start a business, you can either run it as a sole proprietor or as an entity like an LLC or Corporation. The LLC or Corporation is created by filing Articles of Organization documents with the state government. Those documents are nearly always a matter of public record.
With, you get a real street address, not a P.O. box that you can use for your business, so your home address and your mail stay private and secure. Not only will you keep your anonymity, your new prestigious address will also make your business look more professional. Advantages:

  • No Unexpected Client Visits to Your Home
  • No Unexpected Job Seekers to Your Home
  • No Junky Mail Coming to Your Home
  • Prestigious Business Address
  • Professional Looking Address – No PMB#
  • Online Access to Postal Mail
  • Second Shipping Address
  • No Outsourcing – All In-house Addresses
  • No Third-party Support
  • No Third-party Mail Handling
  • International Forwarding
  • Cheap Physical Storage
  • Free Digital Storage
  • Secure, Portable, Convenient
  • Business Privacy
  • Home Address Privacy

For more information, visit our home page or FAQ. users have the option of scanning, shredding, forwarding and storing any mail that is uploaded to their account. Store your mail in our secure mail-processing facilities instead of your home. Our facilities are equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras, keycard locked doors, and alarm systems, which provide 24/7 protection.